Who dares call himself the Web Connoisseur?  

Before making judgments, we must first define what a Web Connoisseur is.  A Web Connoisseur is part Internet Strategist, Online Marketing Expert, Webmaster, Web Editor, Web Designer, Usability Analyst, Search Engine Optimizer, Viral Marketer, Web Analytics Guru, Programmer, Writer and long-time Internet consumer - that's a lot of parts!  This person has the unique ability to look at Web sites from all possible angles. 

How many Web Connoisseurs exist?

There can be only one (think Highlander).  Okay... my ego isn't really bigger than the collective pride of Texas, but I like to think that I am a rare breed.

Enough with the formalities.  My name is Dustin Woodard and I live near Seattle (I would say I live in Washington, but I've learned from my travels that people think the Washington only exists on the east coast, but everyone knows where Seattle is). Here are some of my accomplishments as a "Web Connoisseur":

Official Judge for the Webby Awards
Member of the highly exclusive International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).
  • Winner (1st Place) of INC magazine's 2001 Online Marketing Award
  • Best of the Web, Forbes Magazine 2000-2003
  • Member of the highly-exclusive International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS)
  • Judge for the Annual Webby Awards (Oscars of the Internet)
  • Judge for the Web 2.0 Awards.
  • Speaker/Panelist for the Search Engine Strategies conference
  • Speaker for the Searchfest SEMpdx conference.
  • Speaker for the DomainRoundTable conference.
  • Professional blogger/columnist for over 7-years (Mutual Funds Guide at About.com)
  • Winner of "Audience Award" for National 72-hour Film Festival (Filmerica.com)
  • Interviewed by CBS for being a finalist in their online video contest.
  • Former Webmaster for award-winning financial Web sites
  • Responsible for getting mentions in Time, WSJ, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Inc.
  • International Honor Society in Economics
  • First UW Business school project to ever use the Web for a class presentation (University of Washington).
  • Responsible for boosting Allrecipes traffic, which lead to the eventual purchase by Reader's Digest.
  • Former ODP Volunteer

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Article Written About Me Early in My Career (pdf)

To "step into my mind," I recommended following my SEO blog.

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