The Making of "The Mountain Slug" 
Our entry to the Mountain's Cardboard Sled Derby Contest!
Part IV

Built by: Dustin, Katie, Matt and Mark


Despite it raining the entire day, it was fun to see the smiles on people's faces as they passed by our sled.  

It was fun to see other sled designs and there were even two live bands that performed.

Most of our competition covered their sleds up until the race, but we wanted to show Sluggy off and have a shot at winning the "People's Choice Award."

Group Shot (Dustin, Katie, Matt and Mark)


Our Sign Complete With Slug Slime
As you can imagine, Sluggy was a big hit, especially among kids.

Besides having a cartoon-like sled, we handed out green slug slime to all the kids (and some Adults).

Our sign is pictured on the left with some of our patented green slime hanging from it.

Despite gathering many People's Choice votes, we were beat out by a life-sized replica of a Japanese warplane
(we should have demanded a recount).


We carried Sluggy up the hill to race him (that was a challenge in itself).

It was time to find out if Sluggy had what it took. 

Would his speed match his name, or would he slide down the moutain in Super-sluggy form?


Sluggy Racing Down the Mountain
After the first 20 feet down the race course it felt like Sluggy was going to do well, but once Sluggy hit the rough spot, he came to a complete stop.

  Matt and Mark gave him a few more shoves, but we ended up getting out of the sled and dragging it down the hill (this was very common in this race, only 2 or 3 sleds actually made it down the course without stopping).

 The viewers were nice enough to pelt us with snowballs the whole way down.


We hope you enjoyed the making of Sluggy.  Immediately following the race, due to Sluggy's performance, he was shipped to the glue factory.  

Pictured Below Are Some of the Best of the Competition.  More pictures can be found here.

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