The Making of "The Mountain Slug" 
Our entry to the Mountain's Cardboard Sled Derby Contest!
Part Deux

Built by: Dustin, Katie, Matt and Mark


Sluggy wasn't a pretty sight at this point.  However, we received many calls from Hollywood .... they wanted to cast Sluggy as Pizza-the-Hut in Spaceballs 2.

In total, it took 6 gallons of glue to create our sled!



Sluggy slowly coming to life
After a few more layers of glue and paper, we cut a mouth and added antennae.

As Sluggy came to life, Dustin was caught off guard and was quickly devoured by the papier-mache beast.


What a world of difference paint makes!  Sluggy was ready for show and only needed a couple of runners to be in racing condition.

To train sluggy, we used negative reinforcement.  It is amazing what a slug will do if you threaten it with salt!!

We put the final touches on sluggy at Mark's place: next page)

With paint, Sluggy comes to life!!

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